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How can I link up with LINE WORKS for time recording?

Please check the following contents and set the linkage.


Accounts that can be linked

You can set it with the following authorized accounts.

  • First Master administrator or general administrator with "option" authority "◯ view / edit"

You also need to be able to log in to the LINE WORKS Developer Console . 



Information necessary for cooperation will be issued on the Developer Console of LINE WORKS.

1. Log in to the Developer Console.


2. Click [Publish] under "API ID".


3. The "Server API Consumer Key" is displayed in two rows, but click [Publish] at the bottom.



The following screen will be displayed. All "Talk Bot" are required, so check "All Talk Bot" and click [Next].


On the next screen, set the token expiration date and automatic extension. Please make any settings here. After setting, click [Save].


4. Click [Add] in "Server List (ID registration type)".


The following screen will be displayed. Select any server name, and select the token issued by "Server API Consumer Key" in "Select Key".

 Click Save and you're done.


API linkage setting

Register for LINE WORKS Talk BOT.


1. Management screen > Other > Options > External service linkage category >Select "Use" in LINE WORKS linkage.



2. The terms of use and consent form will be displayed. Please read them carefully, and then check "I agree after confirming." And click [Register].



3. Log out and log back in to apply the settings.


In the management screen > Other > Options > External service linkage category >LINE WORKS linkage, click the [LINE WORKS linkage] button.



4. Copy the required items from the Developer Console and register them on the "LINE WORKS API Registration" screen of KING OF TIME.

Developer Console




KING OF TIME "LINE WORKS API registration" screen



5. Click the [Register] button to complete the API linkage settings.


Stamping cooperation setting

After setting the API linkage, set the stamping linkage.


1. Management screen > Others > [LINE WORKS linkage settings] > Select affiliation / employment classification and click [View] >   [Account settings].


2. Enter the "LINE WORKS account ID" of the target employee to be linked with stamping, and click the [Register] button.

* CSV data can be imported when registering accounts all at once. Please refer to here for the import method .


3. After registering, click [Send First Message]. When the first message of the completion of cooperation is sent from the talk BOT to the target employee account, the setting of the time stamp cooperation is also completed.



If you do not receive the first message from Point Talk BOT, is your account ID correct?
please confirm.

In addition, the initial message will be sent to all employees in the displayed division/ employee type who have registered their LINE WORKS account ID. Employees cannot be specified.


4. Click Edit Stamped Message. By entering and sending "Clock in" and "Clock out" entered in the wording settings of each stamp on the LINE WORKS talk screen, it will be linked to KING OF TIME as a stamp.

* The wording can be changed arbitrarily. Click here for details


Example of stamp screen




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