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What is the reason why the location information cannot be obtained even if the location information is enabled for My Recorder? (PC)

Perform the following operations and try to see if the acquisition result changes.


Since the acquisition of location information on My Recorder is processed on the browser side, the root cause cannot be understood.


(1) Clear the browser cache and access My Recorder again.

(2) Turn on the Wi-Fi function※1

(3) Repeat reloading the page several times

(4) Change the browser to use

Please change your browser and try (1)-(3) again.


* 1… By turning on the function without actually connecting to Wi-Fi, the accuracy of location information may be improved on the browser side by referring to the access point detected by the PC.


About the details of location information acquisition

To get the location information, the latitude and longitude are calculated using the HTML5 Geolocation API in the browser.


When calculating, information such as GPS, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), IP address, etc. is collated with the database that the browser has, but which information was specifically referred to is performed on the browser side. I do not understand.


For example, when the IP address is referenced, if the collation result is "there is no location information pointed to by the corresponding IP in the database of the browser", the result will be "Failed to acquire the location information" even in My Recorder.


Also, since the database is different for each browser provider, it is possible that "it cannot be obtained with Microsoft Edge, but it can be obtained with Google Chrome".


Therefore, please try the methods (1) to (4) above and check if the location information is acquired.


refer to

It seems that Google collects Wi-Fi access point information and stores it in a database in order to improve the accuracy of map information. Location results may change as the database is updated.

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