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How do I book phone support?

Phone support is by appointment only. You can make a reservation from the inquiry form.


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1. Access the contact form.


2. Set "Inquiry target" to "Telephone reservation".

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3. Enter other items and click [Send].

item name explanation
subject Enter a summary of what you would like to ask in Phone Support.
Inquiry target Select "Telephone Reservation".
Reservation date Select the desired reservation date.
Reservation time Select your preferred booking time.
* The reservation frame is 30 minutes.
Name of person in charge at your company (Kana) Enter the name of the person in charge at the time of telephone support.

Input example: Taro Attendance (Kintai Taro)
phone number Enter the phone number you want to call.
Contents of inquiry Enter the details of what you would like to ask in Phone Support.
* By entering as much detail as possible, smooth guidance will be possible during telephone support.
Attachment If you have a file you want to attach, you can upload it (optional).


4. When the reserved time arrives, the operator will contact you at the designated phone number.


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Confirm reservation

You can check your reservation in "My Inquiries" in My Activity.

* The status after booking is usually "Unresolved". If it is displayed on this screen, the reservation is complete.



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Cancel a reservation

In "My Inquiries" in My Activity, open the reservation ticket you want to cancel and click [Cancel Reservation].



Canceled tickets will have [Cancelled] added to the subject line.

* Immediately after cancellation, the status remains "Unresolved", but it will be changed to "Resolved" after the reservation date.



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Supplement: When you want to change the reservation date and time (re-booking)

If you want to change the reservation date and time, please cancel the reservation and re-book at the new date and time.

* If you comment on the reservation ticket, we will not be able to handle it. Please make a reservation again at the date and time when you can make a reservation.


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