What should I do if I work from home?

Please use the personal time recorder or KING OF TIME secure login for time-record when working from home.


Personal time recorder

There are two types of personal time recorders: " My Recorder" that can be engraved on a PC or smartphone, and " Mobile browser engraving " that can be engraved on a feature phone . Please use according to the environment.


My recorder and mobile browser embossing can obtain location information at the time of clock-in so you can check whether an employee working at home is clockin-in at home. If you can't get location information, there are several possible causes.

Please refer to the solution below.




If you no longer use My Recorder / Mobile Browser Stamping (you want to prohibit the use), you need to suspend the use of each company through the support center . If you do not suspend the use, you can stamp it if the employee knows the URL.


If you do not want to use My Recorder / Mobile Browser Stamping for normal work

  • While working from home, manage by stamping application. (Do not use My recorder / mobile browser stamping)

  • While working from home, use My Recorder / mobile browser stamping to inform employees that they will not use it when they return to normal work. (Substantial usage restrictions are not possible)

  • While working from home, use My Recorder / mobile browser stamping, and process the above suspension of use at the timing of returning to normal commuting.


Please consider either method.


KING OF TIME Secure Login

The client application can be installed on the employee's PC, and the PC logon/logoff and lock/unlock logs can be linked to KING OF TIME as time record. PC log-on/log-off and lock/unlock are logged, so you can manage your actual working hours.

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