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[BT-2000] Is it possible to update the main unit program?

* * This content is for customers using BT-2000 * *


Yes this is possible.


Below is a guide on how to update.

*USB memory is required for updating.



1. Download the update file at the bottom of the page and save it directly under the USB memory.


2. Press and hold the red button on the left side of the BT-2000 unit to turn off the power.


3. Insert the USB memory of 1. to the BT-2000 with the power turned off. With the USB memory still inserted, press and hold the red button on the left side of the main unit again.

*Be sure to connect while connected to the network. The file may not be read correctly.


4. After booting up, you will see a black screen reading the files.


5. After loading and starting up, the embossing screen is displayed. If "Ver. 1.10 build 159" is written at the bottom right of the screen, the update is complete. At this stage, remove the USB memory.


After this version, when a new version is released, it will be updated automatically. (Build ### will be updated)

*A network connection is required for updating. Please use it so that it is always online.


Please check the following features added in Ver. 1.10 build 159.


Update file: rel.tgz

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