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Is it possible to change the network settings of Pittouch Pro 2?

Yes it possible. You can do it from the Pittouch Pro 2 main unit.




1. Press and hold the power button on the left of the main body of Pittouch Pro 2 for 2 seconds or more


2. On the function selection screen, select [Terminal setting]> [Network setting]> [Password input] 0000 (4 zeros)> Network setting.


*The above password is set at the time of delivery. If it has been changed, enter the changed password.


[Item settings]

・LAN port setting (wired LAN)

・Communication module setting *No need to set if external communication module is not used

・Wireless LAN module setting

-Proxy settings

-NTP server settings

Please confirm the setting contents with the person in charge of your network before operating.
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