How can I set Pit Touch Biz for the first time?

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You need to create a setting file and use the Pit Touch Biz Web management screen. Details are given below.


Advance preparation

Please prepare and check the following in advance.

  • Configuration file: Download ptb_setting.dat .
    * It is compressed in zip format for download, so please decompress it before use.
  • Please prepare a LAN cable to connect the PC and Pit Touch Biz.

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Creating a configuration file

Edit ptb_setting.dat for network settings and division settings.


Network-related settings

Please confirm the contents with the person in charge of the network before editing. 

(1) When (6) is Manual: 0, set the IP address used for connection. *1

(2)When (6) is Manual: 0, set the subnet mask to use. *1

(3)Set the gateway to be used when (6) is manual: 0. *1

(4)When (6) is Manual: 0, set the DNS server to use. *1

(Five) When (6) is Manual: 0, set the DNS server used by the sub. *1

(6) Specify the method of acquiring the IP address. If there is a fixed IP value, specify "0" in the underlined part and set (1) to (5). For automatic acquisition (DHCP), enter "1" in the underlined part.

 (7)Set the NTP server (time adjustment server). By default, "" is entered.


*1... If (6) is automatic (DHCP): 1, it is not necessary to change the default value.

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Affiliation settings

Set the destination of the data. 


(8)Check the URL of the login screen of KING OF TIME, and enter "s2" or "s3" in the underlined part.    

(9) Specify the IC card type to be used, time recorder ID, and company.



Check the time clock setting on the management screen and specify the IC card type to use.


22: For FeliCa authentication → device_type_code=19

27: For IC authentication → device_type_code=20



In the time clock settings on the management screen, enter the ID of the time recorder that belongs to the terminal. 


Enter the first 3 or 6 alphanumeric characters of your login ID. You can also check it next to the company name at the top right of the management screen.  Return to top of screen


About proxies

If you use a proxy server, make the settings in " Proxy settings " in " Settings on the Web management screen " described later.


Please enter the above (1) to (9) and save the file with a name such as the name of the organization where the terminal is installed.

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Login to the web management screen

Log in to the Pittouch Biz web management screen to pour the created setting file into the terminal. [Login procedure] 1. Turn on DIP switches 1 and 2 on the back of Pittouch Biz.



2. Connect the PC and the main unit with a LAN cable, and insert the power plug of Pit Touch Biz.


3. From the control panel on your PC, go to the Network and Sharing Center.



5. In Network and Sharing Center, change adapter options> Open Ethernet (Local Area Connection) Properties.


6. Open Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties.



7. Check "Use the following IP address", enter the IP address "", and press [OK]. * The subnet mask value is automatically entered.



8. Start the Internet browser on the PC, in the address bar: type "http //", then press the "Enter" key.


9. The login dialog is displayed. Enter the following.

Username: admin Password: default


10. The initial setting screen will open. Please make the following settings.

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Setting password

* It will be the password for logging in to the Pit Touch Biz Web management screen. It is not used for stamping.


*The password that is set cannot be known from the support center. Please note that if you forget the password, you will not be able to log in to the Web management screen.

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Mode selection

Select "Server access".


After entering, click the [Set/Reboot] button to save the contents and restart.


9. After restarting, the login dialog of the Web management screen will be displayed. Enter the following and log in again.

User name: admin Password: Password set in step 8

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Settings on the Web management screen

After logging in again, pour the file created earlier. 1. Click [Settings] on the left side menu.



2. Click [Select file] in the settings from the file and select the file created in "Create configuration file". 




3. After selecting the file, click the [Set from File] button. The dialog box "The next time you restart, all detection logs will be deleted. Are you sure?" is displayed. Click [OK].



4. The screen will change. Click [Restart] to apply the contents of the setting file.



After restarting the Pittouch Biz main unit, refer to "Procedure after setting" and install it at the marking location. If you use a proxy server, also do the following:

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Proxy settings

If you use a proxy server, set the proxy information in Pit Touch Biz.


1. Click [Server Communication (Extended)] in the left menu.



2. Make settings in [Proxy Settings] at the bottom of the right screen. (By default, "Do not use" is checked.)


3. After entering each item, click the [Set] button at the top of the screen.   


4. The screen will change. Click [Restart] to apply the proxy contents.     

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Procedure after setting

If you click Reboot on each screen, each setting will be reflected and then restart. After restarting, disconnect the power plug and LAN cable, and set DIP switches 1 and 2 on the back of the main unit to "OFF".


After that, place it in the time recorder place and check if you can time record.


The network settings of the PC have been changed, so be sure to restore the original settings.
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