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Is there a My Recorder app?

There is no My Recorder app, but we do have a time recorder app .


However, by installing the shortcut of My Recorder, you can use it as if it were an app without using a browser.

* IOS devices are not eligible. Create the shortcut manually.


When using with a PC browser and Android smartphone

1. Access the My Recorder URL and enter your ID and password to log in.


2. Click (tap) the following and select "Install" on the pop-up screen that appears.


PC browser



Android smartphone

Browser menu> "Install app"



3. The following shortcuts will be created on the home screen or in the application field. From the next time, please use My Recorder from this shortcut.

_______. png


When using an iOS device

1. Open Safari and access My Recorder.


2. At the bottom of the screenSelect (a mark with an arrow protruding from the square).


3. Select Add to Home Screen.


4. Select "Add" to complete the setting.


5. The icon will be displayed on the home screen of your smartphone.

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