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How can I link with "Rakuten Hayatoku Salary"?

Please check the following contents and set the cooperation.


Cooperation function

You can link Rakuten Hayatoku salary and KING OF TIME attendance data.


When employees apply for prepaid Rakuten Hayatoku salary, it is necessary to link attendance data.


By linking KING OF TIME and attendance data, attendance record data can be automatically incorporated into Rakuten Hayatoku salary, enabling accurate and efficient management.


Advance preparation

Preparation on the Rakuten early salary side

1. Contract with Rakuten Hayatoku Salary

2. API settings
* Automatic linkage of attendance data must be set from the management screen for companies of Rakuten Hayatoku salary.

If you have any questions about your contract with Rakuten Hayatoku Salary or if you have any questions about the settings, please contact the Rakuten Card Contact Center Rakuten Hayatoku Salary Desk.

Rakuten Card Contact Center Rakuten Hayatoku Payroll Desk
・ Contact: 092-303-7861
・ Business hours: Weekdays Saturdays and Sundays 9: 30-17: 30 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)


Preparation on the KING OF TIME side

There is no special preparation.


Linkage setting procedure

Cooperation setting on Rakuten Hayatoku salary side

1. Log in to the Rakuten Hayatoku Salary Company Management screen, and click [Link] in the KING OF TIME API Linkage column in the "System Settings" tab.



2. When the KING OF TIME authorization screen is displayed, enter the login ID and password of the admin plenipotentiary administrator. Please read the terms of use and agreement, check "I agree after confirming", and click [Accept].



3. The screen will return to the screen in step 1. If the button that was [Link] is displayed as [Cancel Link], the link setting is complete.



Cooperation method

Automatic cooperation

It will be linked every day at 3:00 AM. If "Rakuten Hayatoku payroll side cooperation setting" is completed, there is no other necessary setting.


How to work together manually

1. Log in to the Rakuten Hayatoku Salary Company Management screen and click [Upload Attendance Record] in the "Employee List" tab.



2. Click [Browse], select the relevant attendance data, and click [Upload].



3. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Click [Batch Update].



4. "Updated attendance record information" is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The attendance data uploaded to the employee's attendance record will be reflected._________.png



1. This work cannot be performed when maintenance occurs, such as when the system of "Rakuten Hayatoku Salary" is released.
2. "KING OF TIME" has the following WebAPI time limit. It is possible to operate on the "Rakuten Hayatoku Salary" side during this time, but it will be reflected in "KING OF TIME" after the time limit has passed.
Time limit: 8:30 to 10:00 / 17:30 to 18:30


Cooperation item  

Each item of KING OF TIME and Rakuten Hayatoku salary will correspond and cooperate as follows.


Rakuten early salary KING OF TIME    Remark   
Employee ID (required item) Employee code (required item)


Name (required item)



Name Kana (required item)



Phone number (required item)



Date of birth (required item)



Payroll account (required item)



Payroll account holder (required item)



Working days (required items) Working days (required items)


Actual working hours (required items) Working hours (required items)


Start time (required item)



End time (required item)



* Working hours refer to the hours actually worked on the target working day.



About unconfirmed attendance data

If the attendance data is not confirmed on the KING OF TIME side, it will not be linked to the Rakuten Hayatoku payroll side.

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