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What is the structure of the Attention menu on the management screen?

This article will explain each item displayed on the home of the management screen.

* If you are a general administrator, some items may not be displayed depending on your authority.



1. Processing that needs to be dealt with

Alerts such as error work and unsubmitted applications are displayed. Click [Update] to update to the latest information.


2. Frequently used menus

A shortcut to frequently used menus. Menus such as confirmation of work data, schedule registration, data output (export), and login permission (operation to allow the support center operator to log in to your environment) are displayed.


3. All menus

A menu for checking work data and schedule is displayed.


4. Help

Go to the FAQ site (online help) that summarizes frequently asked questions.


5. Settings

Click here to register and edit basic information such as employees, divisions, and employee type.


6. Notice

Useful information and information from the support center will be posted.


7. Support widget

If you ask a question from here, the AI ​​chatbot or operator will answer (see here for details ) .

* Only "master administrator" can use chat support by the operator.

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