Is it possible to set paid leave-related settings for each employee?

Yes this is possible.


* Internal settings are required to use this function. Please inform the support center that you would like to use the "employee-specific paid leave setting function".



  • Management screen > Settings > Others > Options > Make sure that the "Paid leave grant function" in the "Schedule settings" category is set to "Apply".
  • Management screen > Settings > Employees > Employee settings > Click the [Edit] button of the relevant employee and check if the hire date is entered in the "Employee information" category.


Employee setting

1. 1. Administration screen> Settings> Employees> Employee settings> Click the [Edit] button for the relevant employee.


2. If you click the [Details] button in the "Employee Information" category, the [Paid leave related settings] button will be added as shown in the red frame in the figure below.



3.  If you click the [Paid leave-related settings] button, the same screen as when you set the paid leave-related settings in the employee type settings will be displayed.



4. In the case of the employee setting paid leave related setting screen, the phrase "according to the employee type setting" is displayed for each item.

By default, this is checked.


You can set it by unchecking only the items you want to change from the employee type setting, or by checking another option.

The paid leave-related settings in the employee settings take precedence over the contents of the employee type settings.


For detailed settings of each item, see

 Online help: What is the paid leave grant function? 


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