Is it possible to use the desktop version of the time recorder to time record with a specified working day?

If the time record is recorded across dates, you can specify a work day for the time record.


Setting method

Settings on the management screen

1. On the administration screen, open Settings > Organization > Time recorder settings .


Click the [Edit] button in "Basic Time Recorder Settings" or "Time Recorder Settings by Organization" .


If the "Working day specified time recorder" item in the time recorder settings for each department is set to "Follow basic time recorder", you can start using the basic time recorder settings.


2. Register as "Apply" for "Workday designation time record" in "View settings".


Settings on the time recorder application

1. 1. Click "Settings" at the top right of the time recorder screen.



2. Click "Update Data" on the left side of the screen.



3. 3. The following message will be displayed. Click "Yes".



4. A message saying that the data update is complete will be displayed. Click OK, and then click "Home" at the top left of the screen.



5. If you record clock in or out on the home screen, you will be able to select the date as shown below.


Specified workday display when pressing time record

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