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What is "contracted working hours per day"?

◆ Settings > Employees > Employee type settings > [New registration] or [Edit]> Expand [Details] item in the “Basic information” category> “Daily Contract Work Hours”


◆ Settings > Employees > Employee Settings > [New Registration] or [Edit]> Expand [Details] item in the “Employment Information” category> “Daily Contract Work Hours”


Sets the daily working hours of employees. If both the employee type and employee settings are set, the settings in the employee settings take precedence.


The value set here is used for the following purposes.


Discretionary work hours when on leave

* Limited to customers who use the "Pattern use" leave acquisition method.

Settings > Schedule > Pattern settings > [New] or [Edit] > "Details" of "Vacation category"> "Discretionary working hours"


If you create or edit a pattern with a schedule type of "all day vacation", this setting item is displayed. Even if you take a leave, you can set whether to record working hours as if you worked.


It is used as discretionary working hours when you check "Discretionary half-day vacation work hours" set for each employee type or employee settings.


Hourly leaves

Leave by the hour - When the time taken for the time off reaches this set time, it is counted as one day taken.

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