Is it possible to return to the time recorder from the employee's time card?

Is possible.


Setting method

Follow the procedure below to set. 


Settings  > Employees  > Employee Settings  > [Edit] of the target employee> "Time Clock Information" category> Set "Transition Button to Personal Time Recorder" to "Display".


Where to display the "Back" button

We will show you where the button will be displayed after setting.


Employee time card (PC screen)

Menu > Other > "My Recorder" is displayed.


Employee time card (smartphone screen)

Menu> "My Recorder" is displayed.

* Depending on the usage status, "Mobile browser stamping" may be displayed.


When changing settings at once

You can make settings related to the "Transition button to personal time recorder" all at once. Click here for how to batch register employee data .


At the time of batch registration, please include the "transition button to personal time clock" in the layout to be created.
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