We recommend that you follow articles and sections that are frequently viewed!

You can bookmark pages by following the frequently viewed articles and sections. You will also be notified by email when new articles are added to the section you are following.

* The follow function for articles and sections in the online help is available only to admin plenipotentiary administrators.


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How to follow articles

Any article> Click the [Follow] button.



* When you click the "Follow" button and the follow is completed, a notification "You are following this article." will appear in the upper right of the screen. The button color will change to green and the wording will change to "Stop following."


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How to follow a section

Any category> Any section> Click the Follow button.sectionfollow.gif

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Confirmation screen for articles and sections you have followed

1. Click the account icon> My activity at the top right of the screen.



2. Click the "Following" tab in My Activity to check the list of articles and sections you are following.


*The "Maintenance/Troubleshooting" section is automatically followed at the start of use. This is to ensure delivery of information about failures and regular maintenance (February, June, October).

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List of category links

Please select the article or section you are interested in from each category page and try the following method .


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